Ephesians - "Strike It Rich!"


The Ephesians series includes:

1:1-14  "Strike it Rich"
1:15-22 "God Has a Wonderful Plan for Your LIfe"
2:1-10  "Trading Spaces"
2:11-22 "Before and After"
3:1-13  "Secret Agent Man"
3:14-21  "What Did You Expect, a Miracle or Something?"
4:1-6  "Balancing the Christian Life"
4:7-16  "Christ's Gifts"
4:17-32  'Making Change Stick"
5:1-14 "Copycat Christians"
5:15-21  "The Time is Now!"
5:22-33 "Love and Repsect"
6:1-9 "How the Real World Should Be!"
6:10-24 “Holding Off the Forces of Evil with a P-SHOOTER!”

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