Acts - Making a Difference


The first eight chapters are develop around the theme of:“Making a Difference.”

The Plan that Makes a Difference Acts 1:1-11
The People who Make a Difference 1:12-26
The Power that Makes a Difference 2:1-13
The Preaching that Makes a Differ. 2:14-42
The Purpose that Makes a Difference 2:42-47
The Person Who Makes the Difference 3:1-26
The Proclamation that Makes a Differ. 4:1-22
The Providence that Make a Differ. 4:23-36
The Phobia that Makes A Difference 5:1-16
The Practice that Makes a Difference 5:17-41
The Problems that Make a Difference 6:1-15
The Price that Make a Difference 7:1-60

The rest of the book is developed around various themes:

Getting Out of Your Box 8:1-25
Getting Out of Your Box (Part 2) 8:26-40
Something Unusual Happened on the Way to Church 9: 1-19
Something Unusual Happened on the Way Home from Church 9:20-31
“Yes, Lord.” 9:32-10:48
Making Room for Outsiders 11:1-29
The Great Escape 12:1-18
Going Beyond Your Comfort Zone 13-14
The Truth About Being “Saved.” 15
Penetrating Global Markets 16
The Global Markets’ Reactions 17:1-18: 22
God’s Gyms Acts 18:22-19
Hello, Good-bye, Farewell 20
Sometimes They Just Don’t Get It! 21:1-23:23
Christian, Take the Stand 23:23-26:32
Salvaging Shipwrecked Lives 27
The Never Ending Story 28

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